N.E. Florida Tax Deed Investors group posts

The Duval Process
~There are 4 opportunities to buy or win tax deed Real Estate in Jacksonville Florida, Duval County on a regular basis. The next ones are: #1 https://duval.realtaxdeed.com is TBD @ 8 a.m.
 If you never created an account, start at www.Realauction.com and navigate to Duval or you may get an error unsafe message. 
To aid research for Duval tax deeds , select all dates and input 6 digit tda # without the -dash here for all properties scheduled after May 2021.
 and here for all properties before May 2021
 There are title searches and lots of helpful info, or you can input parcel i.d with the dash and select all dates. 
#2 Lands Available is my favorite. You can buy properties over the counter 90 days after the sale date, if no one bid. 
Email ask.taxdeeds@duvalclerk.com and ask for the up to date list.
 Or try finding LA on this Pamo map https://maps.coj.net/pamo/default.aspx ( This site is down, but ainam keeping it here in case it comes up again, its a great tool.) 
but it is not up to date. 
If you find a property you like, 
Request a final statement from Lands available Duval; email a request using the 6 digit TDA # to: ask.taxdeeds@duvalclerk.com 
You can purchase County Held Certificates that are already 2 years mature and immediately apply for tax deed sale where if no one else bids you win the property. 
Here is a spreadsheet sheet with Land Use codes for Duval County to aid your navigation on Lienhub.
Dig into the Board of County Commissioners office and find out how they are selling Escheated Tax property now as the process has changed. It used to be on https://govdeals.com but no longer is., It may be again at a later date. "Escheated" means the property was not bid on at Tax Deed sale and has expired off of tax lists and lands available and is considered abandoned at the 3 yr mark after the Tax Deed sale date and then becomes County Owned property where the last sale transaction is a Tax Deed and the owner is City of Jacksonville.
Below are helpful links in discovering all that is related to a property.
https://buildinginspections.coj.net/ look for permit history, contamination codes...etc if any.
Look for current or past Rezoning applications
Look for lien history regarding prior owners.,
Search property description specifics but verify by going to look in person.
Look for tax bill and 6 digit TDA code at bottom, and any recorded nuisance and or demolition liens; which are now abateable. Contact the 2 people below for current incentives as it changes periodically..
Henry Noles hnoles@coj.net 904 255 5278 ext or 
Obaku Nyomah 904 255 5254
ONyomah@coj.net I would copy both of them.
Here is a new link to search for municipal liens in Duval County
Also from the tax collector site go to the next page behind the tax bill for any storm water fees that usually can be removed out right.
Regardless of all these discovery tools, still do a title search before you spend any big money.